As If the Air Was Grainy Substance – audiovisual piece

‚As If the Air Was Grainy Substance‘ is composed around a single performance on the instrument monolo that is played to a one shot video sequence of clouds. The movement of the clouds defines the overall dramaturgie, while the musical performance creates a narrative in relation to it. The manipulation of the time axis conveys an almost tactile feeling of the consistensy of the carrier material air.

The time based manipulations of the sound blur the contours of the instruments timbre and dissolve it into grainy traces in the carrier material of the sound that is the air.

The monolo is a self-designed single stringed and monophonic instrument with a scale length of 62″. It is  bowed and rhythmically beaten with the bow and produces a warm and full sound with a deep lowend and a rich overtone spectrum.

music & video by KAVALL.

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