Sound & Colour Production

Sound & Colour Production explores the fascinating phenomenon of synaesthesia, where music opens a space full of colours, textures and shapes, the number four is orange and the touch of velvet tastes like nutmeg. In synaesthesia, the trigger of one sense simultaneously and involuntarily triggers a second sense and thus the senses mingle. Those synaesthetic perceptions are different for each synaesthete and are often accompanied by strong emotions.

Sound & Color Production celebrates diversity in society by the example of synaesthesia. The production gives insight into synaesthesia and creates space for exchange and discussion on how we perceive the world in a unique and individual way, while at the same time it illuminates and enhances the beauty and enrichment this diversity holds for society.

As a link between academic research and lived experience, the production provides a platform for exchange on the uniqueness of individual human perception and our highly individual processing of sensory information. Artistic projects, workshops, discussions and research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance inform one another in this vibrant production.

Artistic project
Worlds of light and colour immerse the space, spherical sounds flood the room, bodies pulsate propelled by thick beats. Two dancers, a sound artist and a composer create an immersive experience in which sound, light, colour and dance merge into an aesthetic of poetic beauty. The current artistic project is a performance featuring live sound, dance, video projections and live streaming. Core to the production is sound-to-colour synaesthesia, in which music evokes colours and shapes. The performance addresses various aspects of synesthesia: the richness and beauty of synaesthetic experiences, but also the associated hypersensitivity and potential overstimulation that often accompanies synaesthesia. Sound & Colour Production creates a tangible resonance in the audience and provides an immersive, sensory experience.

supported by
Goethe Institute Ireland, Bath Dance, Dance Limerick, Bath Spa University and Theater Haus Berlin Mitte

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